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"Before long, having leafed through the book backwards and forwards, we become aware that the pictures are poisoned: as one looks at them one's will weakens, one's mind clouds, and one's body becomes warm and soft; particularly the neck is already more sensitive and more supple, more sinuous, more fragile.... All of a sudden we remember that, on the pretext of celebrating our arrival, the sultan had all his young wives strangled, just for fun, and afterwards had his prettiest horses' throats slit." -Alain Robbe-Grillet, Topology of a Phantom City

Out now: I Am An Empty House Longing To Be Haunted, 2x60 on Black Horizons. Copies from me include the bonus album Suffer A Witch To Live. Sometime later: split with Keith Fullerton Whitman (label tba), and eventually Salome.

For older albums, see the discography. Anything else you're interested in for order or trade, email mpa cryptonarrative com (paypal/money order welcome).

Interviews: Drive A Groove Into The Ground at Foxy Digitalis (written by MPA packaging designer supreme April Larson), A Beginner's guide to Iowan free-rock at FACT Magazine (with both myself and Shawn Reed; I'll try to find an updated link for that) and a 2008 MPA interview at Kid Shirt.


Unsorted mp3s:

There's a pretty minimal bio up now; I'll try to add more soonish. Any questions while we get our shit together should be emailed to mpa at cryptonarrative dot com or else shivayanama at hotmail dot com.

MPA can also be found at soundcloud (best place to hear new stuff), and myspace and as Provera at noisefanatics and noiseguide.

Thanks: Number None/Rebis, Knorosov, Maths Balance Volumes/Miscegeny, Gryphyns, Raccoo-oo-oon/Night People, MYMWLY, Volcanic Tongue, Hanson Records, Locrian, Black Horizons, To Live And Shave In LA, Peter B, Bread And Animals, Larkfall/Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, Axis Arcadiane, Misanthropic Agenda, Outsound Booking.