medroxy progesterone acetate

MPA bio:

Medroxy Progesterone Acetate began in 1999 after the official termination of tape-junk combo BFP. All I can remember about why I chose the name is it was better than Zombie Monkey Corpse and slightly easier to spell than Ha-Hitsonim. Wandering around Iowa (with occasional sabbaticals in Texas and Minnesota) collecting field recordings of storm drains, rural graveyards and abandoned barns, primary MPA member D. Bauler began treating these tapes with magnets, solvents and modified recording equipment, adding homemade signal-damaging circuits and empty synth drones to create a string of albums on the vanity label Midwest Death Cult, most of which were then given away to strangers or left in public places. Occasional live performances took place in an empty machine shed called the Hudson Machinery Network (now dismantled) and endless anonymous basements. Collaborated with Chicago hoodlums Number None for the Damp and Damned cassette on Sloow Tapes in 2005. Any questions, email at mpa at cryptonarrative dot com. Thank you and good night.

Equipment includes the following:

Synth circuits and ideas by Thomas Henry, Juergen Haible, Peter B., Rene Schmitz, Dave Wright, Daryl Groetsch, Ray Wilson and various people on the Analogue Heaven mailing list.