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MPA: Blearyeared Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Available in a cassette edition of 93 from Tipped Bowler Tapes. The 3cdr edition from MDC is also available.


Shot on location at the North Cedar Murder House, North Cedar Falls IA. Materials assembled at Kara-Bakos 1997-2006 and The Place Where No One Goes 2006-2008. Voices by the Blearyeared cast, who wish to remain anonymous. Oud, bubul tarang and bells provided by Nella. Arp 2600 provided by Nest Of Devils. Moog modular recordings made at and with thanks to the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios. Wurlitzer theatre organ recordings made at Immaculate Conception, Gilbertville IA. Additional audio by BFP recorded live at the Hudson Machinery Network, 1998. This recording utilizes backmasked, subliminal and poisine recording techniques. This album is dedicated to Les Baxter, Bernard Herrmann, Yma Sumac and Alice Cooper (the band).

Supplemental materials:

this is the story of three women who wanted to 
destroy reality