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MPA: Blearyeared Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

CD1: The Opening Of The Mouth

  1. Vættir (through a combination of lullabies, breast milk, antihistamines and seconal the babysitters carry the infant to the land of dead children) (8m)
  2. Humming For Vengeance (as the muscle-memory flashed behind her kohl-rimmed eyes she sank and made the movements a living woman would make if she were crying)
  3. The Stripping Dead (the babysitters licked the mung from each others mouths and readied themselves for bridehood)
  4. I Hope They Find You Missing (pornographic sigils scrawled in menstrual blood across the walls of her cell)

  5. The Wearer Of The Skull, Enemy Of Everything (the evil spirits will fly away when the cock crows)

CD0: Intermission

  1. I Do Not Wish To Continue
  2. It Is Myself I Wish To Hide From

CD2: Death Among The Poppies

  1. Semnai Theai (the unedited Blearyeared radio advertisment from Teraphim Mystery Recording #6)
  2. Strawberry Shortwave Shabriri (a blinding at the North Cedar Murder House)
  3. Eadem Mutata Resurgo (beneath each grave another grave all the way down forever)
  4. There Is No Hiding Place (narcotic pollen waltzes before the empty light of the no-gate)
  5. Wish Upon This Wasp Star (The Repeated King opens the ribcage and demonstrates the devouring mechanism)
  6. The Unrequited Brides Devour Reality

This is the 3cdr edition of Blearyeared, which contains the entire soundtrack plus intermission music, texts, polaroids, fetish-items, recording anamolies and gate boons. Each of these is made to order.

this is the story of three women who wanted to 
destroy reality