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Blearyeared: Reviews

"This is quite a mysterious little item I have before me. The Medroxy Progesterone Acetate (MPA) tape is packaged in a medical grade sterilization pouch filled with various sizes of folded papers. Each folded paper is a xeroxed segment of a story (or multiple stories). They fit together into a fractured, semi-narative tale of suburban occultism. It's weird stuff to say the least, but it forms a nice multimedia experience when paired with the music of MPA.

"The audio itself is pieced together from segments of an unreleased sound track to a half realized film. You can read about it here- After reading up on the background of these sounds, I can't help but be more affected by the strange presence that this tape brings with it. It's definitely a droney affair with lots of analog tape manipulation and minimal synth work- highly focused and exceptionally crafted. The mood of "Blearyeared" is dark and introspective, focused on transporting the listener with hypnotic sweeping sounds and subliminal tones. It's a good example of everything that is "right" with modern drone music- It grabs your attention and holds it without ever feeling heavy handed. With the addition of a strange backstory and some immersive packaging, I can't help but be hooked. I'd love to see where this goes next. 10/10" -- Charles Franklin, Foxy Digitalis


"I think I realize why there are no reviews of Blearyeared - because, in listening, you could very, very easily open a gateway. There is an importance to what is happening, but you only get glimpses of what's behind the curtain.

"'It was all a dream,'" one of many voices reassures you. Looping, ritual chants or incantations. These sounds are not of this world, this dimension. Will you participate? You must be patient. Indistinct darkness. Scritches and jerks, strange landscapes and colors you could not normally perceive. A post-postmodern Fu Ku Ro.

A churning, insistent halo of jagged oscillation, just so very different from anything akin to Japanese noise or Aphex Twin's Rubber Johnny. A psychedelic quality, strobing and pulsing. A soundtrack to a nightmare, to the exploration of certain House of Leaves-esque places. Garbled voices and high-pitched drone. Broad soundscapes, scraping transmissions.

"What torturous things did he do to this tape to produce these cranking subterranean songs?! The whorls of his fingertips must be rusted razorblades and sustainers and machinery-eating acid. A constant tap-knock-crank you cannot ignore beneath the hive noise, the purposeful marching of Svankmajer doll-creatures.

"Inexplicably my favorite work of MPA's to date, so get some use out of those $20 earbuds you just had to have, and buy Blearyeared from Tipped Bowler Tapes. Potential listening directions are here." -Serpentcoils


(if anybody has the review from Rock-A-Rolla let me know)

this is the story of three women who wanted to 
destroy reality