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The Swallowdown Bridge Pattern

While we encourage listeners to experiment with this material for optimum personal use, Midwest Death Cult alumnus Nella has devised a structure entiled The Swallowdown Bridge Pattern which many first-time listeners of the complete work might wish to try. Each listener (if there is more than one) should have comfortable headphones and prepare all necessary materials beforehand. The listener should examine the track list and consider what each song should sound like before listening: the difference between this idealized music and the actual songs might prove interesting. Most listeners prefer to lie on their backs either on a bed or some soft surface, although if this is a dyad working the two participants should face each other, even if they cannot see each other, so that various cat's cradle mudras can be formed for each song. Similarly, practicioners of the secondary anatomy will find that interior surface will settle into a smooth glassy form which will begin to shine once the shimmer-yoga has begun to function. The listening order should be part one, then either side of the intermission tape, then side two -- it is important to take a break between the two parts for maximum results. Volume for the two sides should be comfortable: the first track of each part should provide a suitable gauge. The intermission tape should be played through speakers at a suitable distance from each other for the size of the room (we suggest at least three feet) and should be played at a quiet volume, ideally just loud enough to hear. It is important that both left and right channels are balanced, as the entertainment contains a number of harmonic structures and subliminal guides which are only assembled within the mind of the listener; unbalanced playback will corrupt this process considerably, and we cannot be held responsible for the results. Once preparation is ready, participants should make themselves comfortable in whatever prone-status they have selected and begin part one, Vaettir. Within the first two minutes a blue glow should float across the eyes and settle at the edges of vision: this is the Blue Stage, where the events of this entertainment will take place. There is an introduction by the narrator and a secondary speech by the peripatetic character Devotos (a minor demon), and while both speeches are essentially an introductory greeting they do contain information which students might find worthwhile. The primary character L________ should become visible as a negative-space phosphene shadow puppet across the backs of the eyelids (some listeners might not be able to tell at this point if their eyelids are open or closed; that means it's working), and while the form of the infant will not be visible until the second track the sound of fetal cooing should be audible. Moving into the second track, Humming For Vengeance, Devotos makes another statement and the entertainment properly begins. You may wish to harmonize with the fundamental drone if you wish, or if you do not wish, or both. The other babysitters, T________ and S________ should become visible, and an increased depth of the Blue Stage should allow for multiple events to be seen at the same time, so that patterns in the actions of each character can be compared and contrasted. Upon entering the third track, The Stripping Dead, this stage will flatten considerably during the tunnel-resurrection, and you may feel a sense of claustrophobia: this is natural and should not cause concern. By this time the head (or any physical form between the speakers) should begin to pull apart and curve in on itself, or else pulse with the overtones, at which point you should abandon the desire to guide the listening process through the remainder of the entertainment. Recording your voice during this time may prove useful for those who experience time dilation or memory deformities, though it is important to keep in mind that the voices on such recordings may not be your own. A period of silence and darkness after the entertainment ends is highly suggested. Many happy returns.

this is the story of three women who wanted to 
destroy reality