medroxy progesterone acetate

MPA: I Am An Empty House Longing To Be Haunted

2x60 double album on Black Horizons.

  1. The Ghost of Dried Wells
  2. Thigh High (Clocksucker mix)
  3. Durga On The Wing Of Abomination (single edit)
  4. Starshine Tendrils
  5. Something Shimmers And Is Gone
  6. The Chain
  7. Photographs Of Bodies
  8. If You Ever Loved Me Please Let Me Sleep
  9. Drift When You Have No Gravity
i am an empty
house longing to be haunted cover

Darren Bauler: Interference, Deprogramming, Signal Decay. Jenna Cohen: EVP, Possession States, Scrying Circuits. April Larson: Narration, Concussion Machines, Recording Anamolies. Additional vocals by Kyra Edeker (9), Chelle-Marie Ehlers (1) and the Dawgranch Children's Choir (3). Shot on location in Waterloo IA, Austin TX, and Emeryville CA 2008-2011. Research assistance: Kek-W, Dana Reinoos, Phil Legard, Clint Marsh, Brutallo, Everyone at the Grand Lodge of Iowa Library, Damon Packard, Robin Bougie, Rebecca Dart and the Internet Witches. This is The Theater of Diminished Faculties episode three. Coming soon: Salome.

empty house tapes


We first heard from the oddly titled Medroxy Progesteron Acetate on a split 7" with Warmth a while back, but this is the first we've heard since, a sprawling double cassette epic, of burnt out psychedelic drift and drone out black synth shimmer, rife with strange voices and sampled vocals, buried melodies and constantly shifting textures and tones. Dense stretched out drone music, lush layered abstract psych-synth minimalism, slow-motion muted industrial creep, squalls of grinding sci-fi noise, or thick bleary buzz, this is heavy, deep, dark listening, paranoid, sinister, ominous, otherworldly, haunting, harrowing, but at the same time, strangely blissed out, mesmerizing, dense and dark and in its own bleak and black way surprisingly dreamy. Muted rhythmic drift fused to ethereal shimmer, and softly roiling sonic murk, the voices constantly in the distance, occasionally moving to the fore, intoning some mysterious passage only to be swallowed up and covered in layer after layer of hum and thrum and rumble. Fans of Pulse Emitter, Grasslung, and other synth-drone alchemists will definitely dig, but the constant flow of samples and strange voices and mysterious broadcasts, gives this the vibe of some fucked up soundtrack, or some purloined surveillance tape set to music, which is what makes this so cool. And so trippy, fucked up and frightening. Like all Black Horizons releases, crazy deluxe packaging, two tapes housed in one of those cool double tape cases, with two full color printed J-cards, on metallic paper, each with an insert with all the 'lyrics' and liner notes, and each either silver or gold, matching whichever tape it accompanies. (Aquarius Records)


The one & only Medroxy Progesterone Acetate is back with a fuckin beast of a double tape, 2 hours of insanity that gets the deluxe packaging treatment from Black Horizons (side note: the image up there is only an interpretation, a snippet of the full artwork). This is some downright fucked up shit, wavering between diseased drones, black ambient, filthy industrial, nightmarish noise, and drifting shimmer. All sorts of weirdness on here with Darren Bauler taking on most of the responsibilities and various friends adding such talents as “Possession States,” “Concussion Machines,” and “Recording Anomalies.” The sounds are fucking out of this world, disgusting & horrific, festering & boiling drones, straight from the demon’s stomach, voices abound, dazed whispers rambling paranoia and death, haunting your very soul, shrill tinnitus bleeding out of every pore until it’s no longer part of the tape, it’s taken up residence and infected your ears, subtle rhythms grow into discrete beats that sound like old rusted machinery trying to reclaim their previous lives, and strangest of all, the moments of pleasant dreams and blissful ambience, tiny beacons shining out of the rotted wasteland. The bleak & harrowing doesn’t get much better than this. (Anti-Gravity Bunny)