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MPA: How Trades Work (last updated 11.13.06)

Here's the deal with trade. I'll swap you an album for something roughly similar (albums, zines, incoherent scribblings) of yours. If you don't have anything like that, I can always use voice and field recordings, electronics components, instruments, access to instruments (that's how I did those Wurlitzer theatre organ recordings), obscure and obsolete recording equipment, bones, stereoscope cards, music boxes, drawings/paintings/photographs for flyers/album design, all sorts of stuff. Inquire via mpa at cryptonarrative dot com and chances are we can work something out.

Specific things we're always looking for:

Once in a very rare while I will have instruments I have built available for trade. I will not sell you any instrument, ever, so don't bother asking. I will totally do what I can to assist if you are building an instrument yourself, though I am not anywhere close to qualified to be of much use. One of these days I'm going to put up a list of modified/homemade/circuitbent instruments with schematics and board scans and all that stuff but there's just no time right now.